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Annual General Meeting 8th February 2012
Posted on 16/02/12 10:39PM

Encouraging times for the club - report on the recent AGM

Nineteen members attended the Annual General Meeting which had been hastily re- arranged from Sunday 5th February after the snowfall of Saturday evening. The meeting was very brief and without any major debate. But it was generally reported that the club was enjoying a very positive period, attracting new members, and with very well supported Sunday club rides which had been continuing through the winter. The Chairman Vic Davis reminded the meeting that we were missing the late John Partridge and pointed out the exceptional contribution that he made to the running of the club over many years, and had continued to do so right up until last year. One of the aims of the committee at this time was to encourage members to join the committee, and to make changes to the officer positions, to bring new ideas and stimulus to the club.

Matters arising for the meeting, after the adoption of the minutes of the 2011 Annual General Meeting, were to adopt the minutes of the date fixing meeting held last September, and to adopt the Auditors report of income and expenditure for 2011, prepared and reported by the Treasurer Eileen Doherty. It was noted that despite some additional costs in 2011, such as setting up of the new website, a small surplus was made for the year. A vote of thanks to Eileen was made.

Only two new proposals, which had been raised by the committee, were brought to the meeting. One was to ‘modernise‘ the membership application form, by removing the requirement for applications to be seconded by existing members. It was felt to more appropriate, as already happens, that applications are vetted through the committee.

The second proposal was to confirm the contract agreed for the club to provide the catering for the National ‘10’ Time Trial championships. It was raised that the organiser of the event required a contact person from the club in order to coordinate the event. This was discussed later in the Election of Officers for 2012 and the elected Canteen Manager Robert Woodford (a role he will share with Rachel de la Rue) agreed that this would come under his responsibility.

The final part of the meeting was to receive officers’ reports, followed by the election of officers for 2012. The Chairman began by talking about John Partridge as mentioned above. He then reported that the club, despite losing a few members recently, was continuing to enjoy a regular intake of new members, but that almost without exception, the new members were of a ‘somewhat’ mature age. It was discussed that attracting young people to cycling clubs was a common problem and one that even with dedicated members able to run projects to engage young people, may not easily be overcome.

The General Secretary, Ilona Bickle, reported that there had been 10 committee meetings with an average attendance of 8.8 out of a possible 12. She also confirmed that now the Date Fixing minutes had been approved, she would write to the Parish Councils of the local villages advising them of the dates and times of events planned for 2012.

With a number of officers not attending or posts not filled, the only other reports received were from the ‘acting’ Canteen Manager and Club Captain Norman Needham, and from Peter Nix regarding the website.

Norman pointed out the weekly canteen made the club a very limited income whereas ‘one off’ catering for events by us or by outside organisations using our facilities could earn as much money in one day, stressing the importance of us taking on catering such as for the forthcoming National ‘10’. As Club Captain, Norman reported on the success of the Sunday Rides through the year, which had gradually increased in numbers to a maximum of 26 on one or two recent occasions. Norman reported that he would not be able to continue in this role for a number of reasons. One of these, sadly, was that he was to have an operation on his leg and may not be able to ride his bike.

In the absence of Bip Wetherell who had agreed to stand again as Social Secretary the related role of annual Prize Presentation Secretary was discussed, including organising the engraving of the trophies. It was felt that a dedicated volunteer was needed to take on the organising of the annual dinner, as too much had been left for the Treasurer to complete on top of an already large role. No one in the meeting offered, at this time, to take this role, leaving this for the committee to manage.

The election of officers continued with Norman Needham being re-elected as President, Vic Davis as Chairman. Ilona Bickle as General Secretary, Eileen Doherty as Treasurer, Bip Wetherell as Social Secretary, and Norman Abraham as Time Trial Secretary. It was proposed to ask Steve Osborne if he would remain as Mountain Bike Secretary, given that he had agreed to continue to organise the annual mountain bike race. It was suggested that Ian Dick might help the Mountain Bike Secretary.

Pleasingly, several new people agreed to join the committee (3 places available) or to take up officer positions. These were:

Peter Jinks was elected into the role of Road Race Secretary.

Robert Woodford and Rachel de la Rue were elected as Canteen Managers.

Peter Nix was elected as Club Captain and as Media Secretary; a new title amalgamating the former roles of Webmaster, Press Secretary and Newsletter Editor.

Daryl Collis, Graeme Cope and Peter Wilson were elected and welcomed to the committee.

At the end of the meeting Norman Needham added a reminder about the 2012 Twinning Weekend, reporting that all parties had now confirmed the dates of 15th,16th and 17th June. He reported that we would be accommodating 14 people in total of which 6 places (beds) still needed to be found.

The next committee meeting was set for 20th February.

To all club members, please do get in touch if you wish to raise anything with the club committee, through the General Secretary or by contact with a committee member or officer.

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